It takes its place in your home, fitting perfectly whilst subtle enough not to draw attention from the rest of your decor. The revolutionary Bismo Wifi oil filled radiator can be remotely controlled via the internet on your smartphone with the easy-to-use RADISTAR app. You have total control of your radiator, anytime, anywhere for complete peace of mind.

Our products are exclusive to Best Electric Radiators, so you won’t find them on sale at any other UK retailer. WiFi controlled electric heating is an efficient way for you to save / reduce energy consumption. With remote access, you never have to worry about leaving your heating on again. Rointe wifi electric radiator provide efficient warmth and comfort using just your smartphone. Easy to install, choose from our standard colours or our designer collection with special finishes like gold, marble and copper.

Too many times homeowners have overpaid on energy bills or been dissatisfied with their heating solutions. Considering basic information about your situation and its requirements can save a lot of hassle. Our guide will help you pick out the perfectly sized radiator. The most cost effective and energy efficient option is just a simple calculation away. Size The size of your room drastically affects the si… With the G Control system, simply download the free app and you will be able to access each of the appliances installed and control their operation comprehensively with a totally instantaneous response.

The SmartBox uses a radio frequency to link up to all the radiators in your house – and with a range of 60m through solid walls, you’ll only ever need one SmartBox for one property. The EcoPlus radiators are very good products & I would buy again, however the communication during the buying process needs to be better. Spent £540 then had to chase for updates as to what was happening, makes you concerned for your money as a first time customer.

The radiator converts all of its energy into heat, making it a highly efficient appliance. Despite its efficiency in converting energy to heat, electricity is costly to operate. What you need to do is purchase our new wifi timer wall controller. Works excellent, app is brill for programming the radiator. Brill service from the company with regards to contact and delivery. The amount of heat generated with these ceramic heaters is unbelievable.

Connecting your SmartWave electric radiators to a Haverland SmartBox gives you full control over your radiators using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply download the Haverland heating app onto your device to take command of your heating the easy way. Purchased the Rio Eco Plus radiators to replace my old storage heaters and it was the best thing I’ve done! They are also easy to use and set up the timer using the app. I love the flexibility they offer and the fact they can be controlled remotely via my phone.The customer service I received from Rio Heating Ltd was second to none as well. With smart electric radiators, changing your heating schedule is a breeze.

Our range of smart electric heaters cater to 21st century smart homes, offering the latest in cutting-edge heating that moves with the times. So, to find a smart electric radiator that best suits your modern property, browse our full range now. Efficient and Comfortable – The Bismo Wifi electric radiators provide an effective and comfortable heat. The radiators are versatile, easy to use and offer more flexibility to the end user ensuring all lifestyles are catered for.

There aren’t any additional parts which need to be purchased or wired in. This makes the installation easier, less time consuming and cheaper. Once connected with WiFi you’ll be able to control your heating with the App from anywhere in the world. Get your heating working exactly as you like it, right down to the degree, thanks to the digital thermostat.

Smart electric radiators come with a plethora of energy-saving features designed to trim your monthly bills, such as adaptive start and open-window detection. The Smart Box comes supplied with an Ethernet cable and a power supply. All you need to do is plug the power supply into a wall socket and plug the Ethernet cable into your router. To connect your phone, tablet or laptop to the SmartBox, simply download the free Haverland app from any app store. You will need the serial number from the back of the SmartBox to set up your app.

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