The game starts by distributing cards faced down to the players. The first player will give the card to the second player. The third player will now choose one card from the second player facing the back of the cards. The fourth player can then choose one card from the third player and so on. There is a number inscribed under the soju bottle cap that ranges from 1 to 100. One person will have to take on the role of game master and take a look at the number while the rest of the group will take turns guessing the number.

Christmas is best spent partying with your good ‘ol friends, don’t you think? However, if dancing the night away is not your cup of tea, a fun workaround is staying up late over drinks and games. Earliest reports of swinging in Korea date back to the Goryeo Period (918 CE CE). It doesn’t surprise me that this game was enjoyed by more women than men, as it seems like a fun break from housework. The swing’s massive frame and height are a metaphor for the freedom many women desired.

This 먹튀 game is the Korean equivalent of our Scrabble. To adapt to the particular structure of Korean words, each tile features a single letter that can be positioned at will in space to form a syllable and eventually a word. Rectangular tiles feature vowels, and square tiles, consonants. This fun Korean word game does wonders to activate your vocabulary and challenge your memorization skills.

This mentally-challenging KBubbles app is an action game designed to help you learn Korean words and Hangul characters using a game format. FluentU’s website and app give you personalized language lessons with authentic media like movie trailers, music videos, kdrama clips and more. You’ll be able to quickly find videos that fit your skill and interests the most by applying level, format or topic filters, giving you total control over what you learn.

Most kites, rectangular or stingray-shaped, are tethered with string on a reel. Kite flying is a traditional winter game for children and adults. There is a period of kite flying from New Year’s Day to Daeboreum, after which the kite string is cut for it to fly away. Kite flying is less common today, due to work obligations, but kites were flown as a distraction from the cold winter.

Teams have to throw their stones on the ground first in turns with only one person per turn. Then teams have to pick up the first stone on the floor from their set and throw it in the air. While the stone is still flying in the air, another stone must be picked up on the ground before the first stone falls. With speed, the selected players have to attempt to grab also the stone still in the air to get both plastic balls in their hands. When stones have been caught, players have to keep them in their hands and use the same hand to pick up a stone on the ground and throw them in the air. Finally, this step should be repeated until all remaining stones have been thrown in the air and caught, 1 per 1.

Teams have to place their stones on their line on the ground. The number of rocks to dispose of depends on the participant number per team. All team players have to knock down, one by one, the opposing team’s biseoks in this stage using their flat rock.

For instance, the winner can throw out a “Ppa” and at the same time, the defender has to choose something different than “Ppa” or they lose. GTE Localize is a fast-growing global translation and localization agency, providing services for 100+ languages in the world. Animals in Korean – learn 17 words for common animals in the Korean language. Match the animal image with the Korean word with a fun language arts activity. Rules are also different, making the original Korean traditional game way more challenging.

The next time you get together with friends, be the cool one and introduce these games to the gang! The person who says the number that matches the number of fingers wins, and everyone else drinks. If the typical game is child’s play for you and your buddies, try this pimped up version of the game! Instead of clapping on 3, 6, 9, you can come up with any numbers of your choice eg. Take the long end of the soju cap and twist it to form a rod. Everyone will take turns to flick it until the rod breaks off.

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