Kennel cough is a respiratory condition that can affect dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds. It is also known as canine influenza. A dog with kennel cough may not show any outward symptoms but a dog owner should know how to prevent it from happening. Visit here bath with hot water for more information.

Cough is a viral infection caused by an agent called parainfluenza. It generally affects dogs who are infected in the nose or throat. Kennel cough is spread through coughing, sneezing, breathing through the mouth and sharing objects contaminated with the virus. Kennel cough cannot be transmitted to humans through coughing, sneezing or sharing.

The main reason that kennel cough affects dogs is because it can cause a bacterial infection in the airways. This infection can cause the dog’s mucus membranes to swell, which causes obstruction in the airways. As a result of this obstruction, there will be coughing, wheezing and difficulty in breathing which can progress to pneumonia and even death. Kennel cough can affect many breeds and many forms of dogs including labs, golden retrievers, mutts, dobermans, poodles, ferrets, bichons and spaniels.

Kennel cough can be treated successfully if early detection is made. If your dog shows signs of sickness, you should immediately take him to the vet so that they can diagnose and treat kennel cough. Once diagnosed, kennel cough can be treated with antihistamines and other medications. Although antibiotics can help to stop kennel cough, it can also increase the dog’s risk of developing pneumonia.

To prevent further infections from occurring, dogs need to stay healthy and clean all the time. They also need to avoid sharing objects with others. One way of doing this is by regularly bathing them. Clean water should be readily available in the bathroom of the home. All dogs should also wear a collar when left alone in the house so that they can be monitored by the owner at all times.

A dog with kennel cough is very contagious and it can easily spread from one person to another through coughing. Therefore, you need to be on top of it as soon as you spot any symptoms in your dog. Since kennel cough is contagious, you should not allow the dog to go outside your home without being vaccinated and treated as early as possible. If you notice any symptoms, take your dog for medical treatment right away to prevent further complications from occurring.

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