Made with an optional carrying strap, this passport organizer also comes with RFID protection. This lively passport holder is decorated with the colors of the rainbow, although you can also choose from a selection of unique colors and styles when you order. Inside you’ll find the perfect amount of space for a US-issued passport as well as three card slots for credit cards or other identification. The small size of this passport holder also makes it perfect for your pocket when you’re out of room in your favorite travel backpack. This passport holder from Bellroy is made of leather with space for your passport and much more.

Consider this Cabana Passport Case to add to your travel ensemble. We are proud to have gained a renowned reputation for the high quality and stunning range of our leather passport covers. Aspinal passport covers and Travel wallets were voted Best Quality by The Sunday Telegraph compared against other luxury brands.

It also provides protection against simple spills and moderate wear and tear. There are two interior pockets for holding credit cards or tickets, but the pliability of the plastic may cause these items to fall out. This passport cover is also available in completely clear plastic, but the light frosted look is better for hiding pesky fingerprints. Frequent travelers may want to bring a backup cover with them, just in case. Passports are one of the most important identification documents, especially when you’re travelling to different countries. If lost, you’ll have to go through arduous processes to get a new one.

Our ground-breaking products are abolishing the boundaries and definition of traveling altogether. With our dedication and excellence in providing quality products, we have managed to keep the trust of our customers. We will be your ultimate partner in all kinds of traveling trips.

Designers have swept along the lines of innovation in order to translate the language called out by consumers. This makes us able to create convenient features along with a uniquely designed collection. We help to take away all your travel bag stress in just a simple glance of baggage.

Some shopping sites offer exciting deals and discounts for their customers. To avail these exciting offers, log on to your favourite shopping site and pick passport covers online. If you’re after nothing more than a case to keep your passport safe, consider this frosted option from Millennial Essentials. The clear passport sleeve is durable and waterproof and is made to last for years — and thousands of travel miles — to come. Plus, it’s got space on the inside for credit cards, ID cards or boarding passes. Confused about which gift to give to your voyager buddy? you could check here

Made to hold up to two passports and up to four credit cards, it will leave you looking and feeling stylish while you work your way through the airport and to your gate. If you’re obsessed with buying all the best travel gear from Tumi, consider this passport cover. It has enough space to hold a passport and some receipts or cash, so it’s perfect for frequent travelers who just want an outer case covering their passport at all times. The sleek gray tones with papaya highlights also make this passport cover both fashionable and modern with a signature McLaren touch. The best material for a passport cover depends on the specifics of your trip and how frequently you travel. Frequent travelers will likely want to seek out passport covers made of durable and even water-resistant materials since they will encounter more wear and tear over time.

This affordable option from the bright designer comes in five different styles, all of which are made of vegan leather material. In addition to room for one passport, it has three inner slots for credit cards or identification as well as room for a Covid-19 vaccine card. This nylon passport holder is made with family travel in mind. On the exterior, it’s made from moisture- and rip-resistant nylon material to keep your belongings safe in all environments. The stylish, slim design packs a host of features, including a slide-in pocket for your passport and a clear window slot for your vaccine card. This passport holder is ideal for people who want to keep their passport and Covid-19 vaccine record in one place.

Once we verify the integrity of the items we will accept the return and process the refund. Verifying the items is expected to take 3 to 5 business days. Items can be returned within 14 days from the delivery of your order. Travel in style with Nutcase Designer Travel Wallets Passport Covers Holders. Choose from a wide range of designs created by top international designers from the world over.

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