The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary. If you are interested in buying boxes, you may do so with your relocation consultant. There are small, medium, large, china, and wardrobe boxes. Please speak with your Relocation Consultant in regards to options and pricing.

Everything you need to know about New York City moving services. While a little bit more expensive than other quotes I got, I chose them based on the good reviews. They came on time and quickly packaged everything in blankets and tape. They worked very quickly and efficiently, and all of my belongings were moved safely and without damage.

And if you decide to DIY, you’ll need to deal with hauling, parking, shuttles… the list goes on. Moving is stressful, and moving in New York is extra stressful. Moving to or within New York City is quite a bit different than moving to most other locations. You’ll be dealing with tight spaces, high-rise buildings, lots of street traffic and other, similar challenges.

From our warehouse, we not only service New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Jersey City but also the entire state including major cities and many smaller towns. Additionally, our east coast operations directly serve much of the north-eastern states. So if you are planning an international move from one of these, we’ll easily be able to pick up your items. This is the list of rules, regulations, available services and resulting charges used by all motor carriers, which provide transportation of household goods. A tariff is published by each household goods motor carrier and includes its various services and is submitted to the Department of Transportation.

Rent in Manhattan is expensive but your move out of Manhattan shouldn’t be. The goal and mission of Rabbit Movers has always been to provide honest and affordable moving services to its customers. Hiring a professional New York City moving company shouldn’t be an astronomical expense. It is not uncommon that a moving company can charge by the hour pricing quote. Choosing-by-the-hour pricing can work for smaller moving jobs–especially if you want to have your friends and family help out with packing and unpacking.

The only additional charges we incurred day-of were due to our own original low-ball of number of boxes, and the movers explained it respectfully and the charge for them was reasonable. We can handle your local move within NYC Movers, no matter how big the job. We can give you a quote over the phone, or for bigger jobs we send a relocation specialist to your home to take a complete inventory and give you a more detailed quote for your local move. We can also help pack, and unpack your stuff as well.

Where JK Moving really stands out, however, is with its sustainable options, meaning that you’ll limit your carbon footprint no matter how far you’re going. All of JK Moving’s trucks exceed EPA emission standards, and the engine oil is repurposed as heating sources at JK’s maintenance facilities. The company’s Boxless Move program underscores JK’s commitment to the environment, as it guarantees that all paper, cardboard, and wood are recycled. In total, JK Moving has prevented over 4.5 million pounds of packing materials from going into landfills. Hiring reputable movers who know how to handle NYC and all of its idiosyncrasies.

I rented their pink bins which was an excellent choice, they provide plenty of packing paper, zip ties, and tags. My team arrived right at the start of their arrival window and quickly and safely packed all my bins and furniture into their truck. The team just as efficiently unloaded everything, leaving the bins in the labeled rooms and re assembling my bed frame. I would definitely use Piece of Cake movers again and recommend them to a friend.

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