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The history of the invention of this revolutionary toy can be traced back to near the end of nineteenth century. At that time, an English inventor by the name of Samuel Simon developed what we know today as the laser gun. He worked with the concept of using the principle of reflection to propel particles in air. The success of his first machine gun led him to experiment with improved mechanisms and to further refine his design, resulting in the development of the four gun system which he hoped would prove to be the next great advance in weaponry. Although no one was able to predict where this exciting new concept would take us, it was eventually used in warfare during World War I.

Today, this unique toy still has its origin in the nineteenth century British wars. Although, the machine guns of that period were crude, they were mounted on tanks. In their early days, they did not have much effect; however, with further development and testing, their accuracy and functionality improved significantly. A major issue with their earlier production models was that they only had four groups instead of the standard five. Although, they were not the first toy guns to have a number of levels of fire, they were by far the most popular toy guns of that era. Today, they are manufactured in five groups of levels.

Today, the infrared laser tag blasters have advanced greatly, although their accuracy and effectiveness against moving targets remains the same. Some of their upgrades include automatic fire and fully automatic firing modes. They can also now use LED lights similar to those used in LED flashlights or laser tag pens.

One great benefit of these guns is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors, which makes them perfect for both military training and recreational activities. Because of their durability, they are often used by military or tactical units. For those who play either indoor or outdoor team sports, they provide an incredible alternative to carrying extra batteries and/or scopes. Because of their battery life and reliability, many players choose to buy an infrared laser tag set that comes with two batteries and two infrared target cameras. When playing in a group, two or more players can carry the required batteries, eliminating the need for a whole set of extra batteries.

The infrared light emitted from these toy guns has been shown to have various psychological effects on people. Studies have shown that playing with laser tag sets significantly reduces aggressive behavior and anger in people, while increasing feelings of fun and relaxation. The sound emitted by the toys also produces a calming effect on people. Because the sounds are so loud, they can easily be used as a replacement for traditional radio waves in military training. The sound is also reported to help alleviate muscle spasms and headaches, another common complaint of those who play laser tag.

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