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Author Topic: Coaster Exchange Rules & Guidelines  (Read 9600 times)
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« on: February 06, 2005, 03:11:06 PM »

Welcome, to be a part of the exchange, you must know a few things, and hopefully this post will answer any questions you might have, and be clear on the rules of using this forum.

First off, how to post a coaster here.
Press the "POST" key as if your going to make a new post. Then in the title of your topic, put the name of your coaster. Next, in the part where you usually type your conversation, tell us about you coaster in the following order, Game type(UR, URCD, URDC), fantasy or realistic, description of your coaster, and finally what Modules are needed to ride it(names or links to the files). Now to upload the goodies. Go to the bottom of the page when your posting and you will see a "Add an Attachment" key, press it. the page will refresh and if you scroll down you will see a "browse" key, which you use to locate the file on your computer. The first file you will upload will be the picture for your coaster. After you select it, press the "Add an Attachment" key below it, and your picture will then be uploaded. There is no need to add a description of the files you upload. Now use the browse key again, and you can either upload your .csa file, or a zip which contains a csa file and music you want people to use with it. After you have done this, you can press the "posted attachments" key to see what you have uploaded, and do any edits to them you want.



1. All images uploaded in this forum must be square in shape(equal width to height) and can be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels. If your coaster is in the top 3, and kept on the site, please remember that the image will be shrunk to 150 x 150 pixels, so don't make any of the words on your pic too small.

2. Uploading images which may be offensive(adult content, swearing, or visually upsetting) will be taken down by the moderators and your membership could be suspended or banned, depending on the offense.

3. Any posts made in this forum which are not a posting of a coaster or a rate and comments of a coaster will be moved/deleted with out notice, and you will be warned by a personal message. Any comments on coasters in here can be done in the "Coaster Conversations" forum.

4. Only one entry per builder per week. Posting two or more rides for competition will no longer be permitted. Feel free to use the Think Tank Forum to post as many rides as you wish.

5. The competition runs from Sunday at Noon CST to Saturday at Midnight, CST. Rides must be posted no later than Tuesday at Midnight, CST. Any coasters posted after such time will be removed from the exchange.

6. If your ride is a "debut" of any kind (New theme, track, etc.) please provide at least one week's notice in the Grand Openings forum before posting the ride for competition. This will give other builders time to plan whether or not they want to compete during that week.*


1. Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible. If you liked or disliked something, please explain WHY you liked or disliked it. ?Comments such as "that was great" as a stand alone remark or as the only critique that was written are unacceptable. These types of comments do not help the builder in any way.

1a. ?If a section you're rating deserves a score of 10, no comments will be required as 10 implies perfect.

2. If you find something you dislike, please try to suggest improvements, but do it NICELY. Any rates or comments which are malicious in nature, or give the impression you did not actually ride the coaster will be discussed by the moderators and admins, and at the end of the week
may not be counted towards the coaster score.

3. Overall rates that are posted with just a score and no comments will be removed.

4. Please refer to these guidelines when rating:

a. BUIDLING TECHNIQUE. This is the overall construction of the ride. Track smoothness, the layout of the track, inversions, the type of ride and how well it was made. If the posted coaster is listed as realistic, please use the Realistic Guidelines for rating that particular ride.

b. ADRENALINE. This is the rush and/or excitement that the ride gave you. This is not just about speed, but more about the tempo and how well the speed changes are used. Did it lag through an inversion? Was there enough momentum to carry the ride throughout or did it rely on too many boosters? If there was music used, was the timing and alignment correct? & did it add any excitement?

c. THEMEING. Were the props used in the build fitting with the overall theme? Were they placed in a manner that enhanced the ride, such as close to the track to create interaction & added excitement? Was there some new prop combininations (prop melding) that were innovative & new?

5. Please post one score on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the best) for each of the above mentioned categories, then average those three scores to make one final score. If you can't average the three scores, please leave a small note at the end of your post and an Admin or Moderator will do it for you.

6. When rating a coaster, please refrain from reading other rates prior to posting your own. Other rates can strongly influence a given score. ?Comments such as "Everyone else already said everything" will NO LONGER BE ALLOWED.

* Debut rides can be difficult to compete with because of the 'newness' of the ride. This is why we ask for prior notice before posting in the exchange. We are trying to avoid the situation of having someone who worked for hours on a ride have it suffer by comparrison to a debut.

These rules have been created to maintain fairness in the spirit of competition. These rules may be changed at any time, and if changes occur we will notify every one in the Main Street forum. If you have any questions about these rules, or suggestions, please contact us at

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