This 83-piece gardening tools set will ensure she has all the gear she needs to weed, prune, spray, and seed to her heart’s content. Ergonomic handles make these hand tools easy to grip, too. There are certain features on our site that aren’t essential to it’s running. We’ve either developed them or added them because we believe they significantly improve the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to get what they want. A terracotta planter painted with a funny message makes a wonderful easy present. Say aloe to my little friend, Elvis Parsley, I will survive…

It’s a hardy species that grows happily in just about any conditions. While it prefers bright light, it doesn’t mind shade or even artificial light. Plus, thanks to its thick, fleshy leaves, it stores water with remarkable efficiency, which makes it very drought tolerant.

Your Groene kamerplanten lover will dive into their creative side with each page of this book, choosing fun colors to fill all the patterns of her dream plants. For something a little different, Ariel Ries, a plant specialist at Tula, likes this rattlesnake calathea variety. β€œIt has really beautiful markings kind of look like watercolor,” she says. This vertical farmstand in size “”teeny”” from Lettuce Grow (co-founded by Zooey Deschanel) features two levels with room for 12 plants, but you can go up in size to grow even more greens. If they’re already covered every available surface in plants, your loved one can extend the passion onto the walls with this graphic print.

Plants are an exceptional gift as they will always remind them of you whenever they look at the shiny green leaves and the blooming flowers. Plants always illuminate the corner in which they are kept, radiating positivity and freshness. There are a plethora of good reasons to give plants as a gift. Further, Aloe Vera plants help give you a healthy environment, you can even slice a piece of this plant and extract the juice for beauty treatments. These plants do not require high maintenance yet are extremely useful and serve as a lucky charm.

Peace lily is another excellent gifting plant that comes with beautiful white flowers with thick and long green leaves. This plant symbolizes purity, innocence and friendship making it an ideal gift for friends and loved ones. The best part is that Peace lily is an air-purifying plant and works well in low-light conditions too. Watering once a week and giving it some sunshine will let the plant bloom bunches of gorgeous white flowers that look like a living bouquet. So, what should you buy someone who likes plants, or is, err, a plantsman?

So, go green with Interflora’ss exotic collection of plants. The color green signifies happiness, youthfulness, and optimism. A little dash of greenery completely changes the aura and the vibe of the living room. Gifting fresh green plants has become the new normal nowadays. People are thoughtfully choosing plants over chocolates and other gifts.

Diffenbachia Plant The large and showy dieffenbachia can be the perfect living decoration for the home or office. How to Care for a Dieffenbachia Plant Problems with dieffenbachia plant can be easily overcome in most situations. The most common problem with growing dumbcane dieffenbachia is too.. Elegant and easy to grow, our seven layer lucky bamboo is a perfect gift for giving on some professional occassion as well as casual one. Elegant and easy to grow, our five layer lucky bamboo is a perfect gift for giving on some professional occassion as well as casual one.

Ficus Elastica – Baby Rubber Plant The rubber plant is a popular ornamental plant from the Ficus genus. In it’s natural habitat it grows over 30 metres tall, however, the varieties grown indoors are a much more manageable height. For the indoor grower looking for a tree type plant species with attractive foliage which can grow from 1ft to over 8ft tall, this is an excellent choice.

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