It makes a lovely gift for new moms and is sure to be appreciated and used time and time again. That’s where our list of top-rated baby swaddles in 2023 comes in. We’ve done the research and narrowed down the top 5 best swaddle blankets so you can find the best option for you and your little one. Not only does this pack of three swaddle blanket wraps have outstanding ratings and reviews, but it is typically available for less than $20! CuddleBug swaddle wraps have Velcro wings that hug your baby tightly while they snooze and are made without any hard-to-use zippers, buttons, or snaps. This swaddle doesn’t secure a baby’s arms by their sides like others do, but it still provides the snug fit that newborns find so reassuring.

Just as it takes experimenting to find the right pacifier for your baby, you may have to try several swaddles to figure out which one works best. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that safe swaddling stops at about 2 months or so, or whenever your baby starts to try to roll over. For the best swaddling techniques, continue reading after our picks. Take the right corner of the blanket and wrap it tightly around your baby’s torso.

If you unswaddle your baby for a late-night feeding, you can change their diaper, too, before rewrapping them. But if a bottom zipper is important, the brand sells two-packs of its Easy Change Swaddle. Some swaddle blankets include velcro, elastic, and even zippers to achieve the benefits of a swaddle quickly and easily. A swaddle blanket is any blanket you can usethat can be used to tightly wrap a baby in a way that mimics the feeling of the womb and helps them feel safe and secure. Sewn into the edge of each of these blankets are swaddling instructions, so you can get a perfect wrap every time — and any caregivers get an instant tutorial. And since they’re 46 inches long on each side, you can swaddle babies of all sizes.

From safety advice to the best swaddles to shop, we’ll help you get started. As your baby grows and develops, they will go through many transitions, and it’s important to support them through these changes. Swaddling can be a comforting and familiar experience for your little one, so understandably, they may feel anxious or upset when it’s time to stop.

Read on for our edit of the best baby swaddles currently available to buy in the UK. Collegiate BlanketsThe Ultimate Swaddle Blanket by SwaddleDesigns was the first large square swaddling blanket on the market, and today, every new parent knows the value of a good swaddle. It means more sleep for baby, which means more sleep for you. On the other hand, if you have a winter baby and live in a cold area, a fleece swaddle—like the Halo—may be the best option for keeping your newborn warm and toasty. Jenni Gritters tested swaddles on her second child, Lily Ray, who was born mid-summer and was a tenacious tester, escaping most of the swaddles she tried. Jenni previously worked full time as an editor at Wirecutter, and she now reviews all kinds of gear for Wirecutter, Reviewed, Forbes, Slate and beyond.

Once baby’s no longer being swaddled, you’ll still find plenty of use for this 35- by 39-inch blanket, whether for stroller rides, as a nursing cover, or as a sunshade. The Gunamuna Sleep Bag is made from a down-alternative fill and wrapped in a soft viscose fabric made from bamboo. It has a four-way zipper that allows for easy diaper changes and includes gentle weights evenly distributed around it to mimic mom’s soothing hold. Currently, there is no specific guidance on how many hours you can leave your baby swaddled at a given time. But young babies need frequent feedings and diaper changes, so a good rule of thumb is to unswaddle your baby for these things.

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